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Artist Statement
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2 Klicks south of wonderland

2 Klicks South of Wonderland
[the Chronicles of Snow White & the Teddybear Killers]

   Wonderland is not a place you can pin down on a map.

   It tends to shift a few miles whenever you think you've reached it.

   It's a place none of us inhabit constantly, but some of us constantly seek.

   It's more of an idea than a place; yet the mere act of searching for it
ought to keep our sights set in the right direction.

   It takes marching to your own drumbeat.


I have used a camera as a means to write my diary for as long as i can remember. However it was during my 3 year service in the military that i realized it had a deeper purpose- it was my way of making sense of the world.

   Soon after the army i set on a 6 month backpacking trip across the far east and bought my first Canon EOS5 35mm; the Mamiya Medium Format joined a few years later and are with me wherever i go. (still stuck on slide film)

   Landing in NY in '99, i switched my major at Columbia University from Economics to a Visual Arts and Philosophy double major. have been shooting and writing in NYC ever since.

   During my travels it became clear how widely different ways of life and means of happiness can there be across different paths we choose and convictions we subscribe to- that notion led to my book 'Theory of Wants', subsequently published by Damiani in '08.

    In my recent work, i have been attempting to find more subtle universal common denominators- detached from a specific time and place, and flirting with freedom, longing, and mostly the complexity of 2 and 3 dimensional emotional landscapes- where someone happy must have known sadness, where someone confident shows a glimpse of awareness of their own insecurities. I like to think of it as a state of balance.

Recent Press:

Gallery Walkthrough at the Richard Young Gallery

War- a short film about
war and human nature



    1999-03: Columbia University, Visual Arts/ Philosophy BA. NYC.


    2010: Impressions from the Rabbit Hole, Chelsea Art Museum, NYC.

    2004: New York New Work Group Show; Ayelet Aldouby & Doron Polak
Curators. Givataim Museum, Israel.


    2011: 2 Klicks south of Wonderland, Richard Young Gallery, London.

    2011: Snow White & the Teddybear Killers, Stephen Webster, Los Angeles.

    2011: 2 Klicks south of Wonderland, Story, Stockholm.

    2010: Warriors, S&S gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

    2009: In/Wards, Via Di Mille, NYC.

    2008: Theory of Wants Solo Show and Book Launch, Milk Gallery, NYC.

    2005: Venture Solo Show, Neel Edeling Curator, Richard Avadon
Studio, NYC.


    2010: Sothebys Tools for Thought, NYC.

    2009: Sotheby's New York Academy of Art Auction, NYC.

    2007: Philips de Pury, Sensi Auction, NYC.


    2010: Wildly Different Things, Blue Leaf Gallery, Dublin.

    2007: Resident Artist Group Show, CVZ Contemporary, NYC.

2006: Through the looking glass; Resident Photographers show at CVZ
Contemporary, NYC.

    2005: CVZ Contemporary Video Works Showcase & Previews of works on
paper by Matt Jones and Photography by Ohad Maiman.

    2003: Wants, Traveling Art-Book Group Show. Doron Polak Curator.

    2002: Substance Group Show, Lerner Hall Gallery, Columbia


    2008: 'Theory of Wants', Published by Damiani Editore.

    2003: 'Wants', Final Independent study guided by Dana Hoey.


    2010: Editorial Shoot, Bullett Magazine Fall 2010.

2007: Shooting and Thinking, Featured Cover Story. Yedioth
Aharonot, NYC.

    2007: Little White Dress/Little Black Dress, Photo Editorial,
LaIsha Magazine, Israel.

    2006: Featured Photographer, Find Magazine Summer Issue, NYC.

Ohad Maiman